Reliable voltage measurement with the testo 750

As any contactor will know, sometimes you are required to take measurements from less than ideal positions. This is certainly true when attempting to take electrical systems, as engineers will often have to do so from an obscure and inaccessible places, sometimes even in the dark.

It was these issues in mind that testo designed this new Voltage tester, in an attempt to provide a solution for common problems associated with taking measurements safely.

With the launch of a brand new and innovative ranch of electrical measuring instruments, testo have tackled a number of ongoing problems engineers encounter on a daily basis.


360-degree display for optimum visibility

One of the key advantages of the testo 750 Voltage Tester range is the visibility of results. Thanks to its unique 360 LED display, you can see the results of the measurement from any angle. This has proved incredibly useful when accessing those tough to reach areas, as the reading is clearly visible from all angles.



The testo 750 features a unique LED display for a 360 degree view of results


As mentioned above, based on customer research the 750 was designed specifically to overcome issues that engineers cope with every day. The probe and instrument itself is robust so will likely outlast any lower quality alternative, whilst the ‘easy-grip’ and ‘anti-slip rings’ mean they won’t be in danger of slipping out of your hands.


Well-Illuminated for extra safety

The testo 750 range fulfils standard DIN-EN 61243-3:2010. In order to fully meet this requirement, it has been fitted with a triangular LED.

All versions meet both CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V. They also have low input impedance and continuity testing, phase sequencing, water/dust protection in accordance to IP 64. What’s more, they have an additional feature meaning they can even detect voltage when batteries are completely empty.

As an additional benefit, the Voltage Tester has been equipped with a built-in flashlight for those situation when the light level is low and it’s tough to see what you’re doing.


The above video summarises the key strengths of the testo 750 Voltage Tester


Revolutionary design from testo

Testo is excited to announce the release of a new and revolutionary electrical measurement range. To learn more about our unique and innovative range or any testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433. Testo instruments are available from all good HVAC/R distributors.

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5 advantages of using a temperature monitoring system

There are a number of ways to keep track of indoor climatic conditions. The most frequently used of these is the use of a small, basic data logger. For certain applications a data logger is sufficient, for instance building monitoring where there is no danger of damage to stock and you simply need the records for reference purposes.

If you have climate sensitive stock however, particularly if you’re not going to be on site 100% time, an alarm fitted system which monitors conditions continuously will benefit you massively.

There are a number of advantages to using a temperature monitoring system, below we have put together 5 key factors why they have been proved such an effective method for keeping conditions stable.


1) Save money

Employing a temperature monitoring system will save you money in the long run, on wasted stock, product recalls etc. If there is a potential problem, you will be notified immediately, before it is too late.


2) Efficient and convenient

All reports are put together for you automatically so you don’t have to lift a finger. These will be collated and sent to you each morning via email.


3) Accessible from anywhere

Reports can be sent directly to you via email, SMS or App so you don’t need to waste time checking each individual logger (or even going to the site for that matter).


4) User friendly

Some monitoring systems require time-consuming installation and maintenance but with a wireless system such as testo’s Saveris 2 it is very simple to get set up and started.


5) More affordable than you think

With testo Saveris 2 systems available from just £89 (ex vat.) it doesn’t cost as much as you’d think to ensure your peace of mind.


All in all temperature monitoring systems offer a low cost but reliable solution for those who need to monitor indoor conditions continuously. We hope the 5 advantages listed above go some way in helping you to find the solution that best suits your requirements.

This video explains the advantages of using a temperature monitoring system such as Saveris 2


Like some more info?

If you’d like some more information on testo temperature monitoring solutions or you’ve got a potential requirement you’d like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us. You can either send us a message, leave a comment, visit our website or give us a call on 01420 544433 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Testo’s New Electrical Measuring Instruments – not just a fluke

Testo’s newly released Electrical Testing range is of the highest quality, and given testo’s reputation as the world’s premier brand for instrumentation you can be sure it’s not just a fluke. Boasting a variety of unique features and user-friendliness unparalleled by any alternatives, they bring a fresh feel to the Electrical sector.


Testo’s new electrical testing range have a number of innovative and unique features


testo-760-digital-multimeter-applicationThe range covers all important measurements for electrical systems. Instruments include Digital Multimeters (pictured right), Clamp Meters, Voltage Testers, Current & Voltage Testers (combined), and an NCV Tester.

As with all testo equipment our instruments for electrical testing offer the utmost in terms of both precision and safety, yet are also user friendly when it comes to taking electrical measurements. The depth of the range means they are suitable for various electrical measurements and applications.

With the addition of electrical measuring instruments, testo are proud to say we now offer solutions for almost all parameters.


Want to find out more?

For more information on the New testo Electrical Testing range or any testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433. Testo instruments are available from all good HVAC/R distributors.

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September’s Image of the Month competition – winner announced!

Testo Image of the month

From now on testo UK will be running a monthly competition to name the ‘Testo image of the month‘ with the winner receiving some fantastic Prizes. Thanks so much to all those who took the time to post such great images this month.testo-limited-510i-differential-pressure-gauge-bluetooth-smart-probe-front

So without further ado, let us announce September’s winner, Congratulations @coolairni ! You have won a testo 510i Digital Manometer Smart Probe and of course your very own Testo mug! Please send us your details via direct message on Twitter and we will get your prize sent out to you.

Here’s a little bit of more info on your prize (pictured right):


This month’s WINNER! @coolairni Wins a Free testo 510i Digital Manometer Smart Probe!


A fantastic list of contenders…

A huge thanks to all those who have shared their images with us, we really appreciate it. Don’t forget to make sure you are in the running for next month, remember all you have to do to enter is share an image of your Testo instrument in action. For full details on how to enter click here

Below is the full list of September’s contenders. Next months winner will be announced at the beginning of November, we’re looking forward to some great images. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work. #teamtesto


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5 reasons not to use a cheap thermometer

As anyone in the Food Service or Catering industry will know, a food thermometer is a day to day tool you can’t go without. Whether it is for checking the temperature of meat, poultry, or egg products, using a thermometer is the only sure way of ensuring both safety and the food is cooked to the desired taste (i.e. rare, medium, well done etc.).

From a food safety perspective these types of foods must be cooked at a minimum internal temperature in order to remove any harmful bacteria. A food thermometer is also required to make certain prepared food is kept at the appropriate temperature prior to being served.


5 reasons you shouldn’t use cheap thermometers

Since a food thermometer is such an important tool in food preparation, making sure you have a fully functioning, reliable thermometer available at all times is crucial. There are a number of factors which differentiate a high quality thermometer from their cheap and nasty counterparts. Below we outline the 5 key reasons you shouldn’t be tempted by the low price point, and encourage you to stay well clear of the poorly manufactured brands.


  1. Lack robustness – cheap models are flimsy and often break easily leaving you without an instrument and putting you and your customers at risk.


  1. Not accurate – by using a cheap thermometer you can’t be certain you are even getting the correct measurements and of course when using a measurement device accuracy can be critical.


  1. Not user-friendly – as anyone who’s used a low quality thermometer will know, they can be a real pain to use, not offering much in terms of usability such as a poor display making the readings hard to see.


  1. Low functionality – cheap thermometers will only offer very basic functions whilst top quality thermometers can offer more than one measuring function, for example infrared for non-contact measurement as well as a penetration probe for core temperatures.


  1. More expensive in the long term – if you have to replace your thermometer every couple of months because of it being dropped or getting wet, it may make sense to buy a robust waterproof thermometer which could last 3 to 4 times longer.


Only by using a top quality thermometer like those from testo can you guarantee both accuracy and longevity


We hope the above reasons help you understand the importance of a top quality thermometer when preparing food. As with so many things in life, in essence you get what you pay for!


About testo Food Safety

Testo offer a wide range of equipment for food safety which will help you meet your HACCP requirements and give you the reassurance you are storing and cooking your food safely. Our instruments include temperature monitoring systems, data loggers, thermometers, cooking oil testers, thermal cameras, PH meters and much more.

Whether it is for spot checks or long-term monitoring, from farm to fork, Testo has the right instrument for the job. Want to find out more about testo food safety equipment? Why not visit our website or give us a call on 01420 544433