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Enter our prize draw at PHEX Alexandra Palace for your chance to win a testo Digital Multimeter

Visit the Testo stand at PHEX Alexandra Palace and see our full range of flue gas analysers plus the widest range of HVAC instrumentation available from any manufacturer.

Show details:

Venue: Alexandra Palace

Date: 20th – 21st June 2018

Stand Number: 12


Digital multimeter prize draw

Testo will be offering visitors to our stand the chance to win a testo 760-2 Digital Multimeter – this great prize takes automatic measurement to the next level. This digital multimeter is suitable for all important electrical measurements.


Win a test 760-2 Digital Multimeter worth £99.00


New lower pricing

New pricing is being announced at PHEX with Testo making high quality thermal imaging and electrical testing more affordable than ever.


  • Thermal imaging cameras for heating and plumbing starting at £699.
  • Electrical multimeters starting at £59


With the testo 865 camera now available from just £699, heating engineers who want to diagnose where and how pipework or underfloor heating systems have been laid, locate leaks on pipework, and many other tasks within heating system diagnosis, now have the perfect tool for the job.


A clear, high resolution thermal image is essential for many heating plumbing applications, especially locating water leaks. Testo 865 provides the highest resolution image available in this price range due to the 160 x 120 sensor with thermal sensitivity of just 0.12°C. The Testo 865 camera allows the user to quickly and easily prove the performance of heating systems and offers a simple way save time in many areas of application.


Testo are also showing the range of electrical test instruments designed with the HVAC engineer in mind. From the Testo 760-1 which offers possibly the simplest to use multimeter on the market, with its innovative ‘input detection’ system making it less likely that a user will set the incorrect input for the testing being carried out, through to the Testo 770-3 clampmeter which offers all the usual functions of a DMM but also offers commercial heating engineers the ability of fast testing of FFD’s on gas burners via its µA current range setting. Additionally, the Testo 770-3 offers a Bluetooth connection to the free Testo ‘smart’ App allowing display of parameters via a smartphone or tablet device, and simple on-site reporting of measurements


Visit us at the show

Register for your free tickets at:


Like some more info?

If you would like more information on testo’s range of HVAC instruments please visit or call us on +44 1420 5444 33 and we’ll be happy to help



Foodex 2018: Come and visit the Testo stand and discover our measuring solutions that ensure Food Safety from farm to fork

Measuring instrument manufacturers Testo, will be at Foodex demonstrating our safety equipment for the processing sector. On stand K310, our experts will be on hand to explain how Testo’s range of instruments help operators ensure they are storing, producing and distributing food safely from farm to fork, whilst also enhancing process efficiency.


Testo’s range of Food Safety equipment includes data loggers, thermometers, pH meters, cooking oil testers, infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermal barriers and more


On our stand, Testo will be giving out Free sausages, as part of our ‘how hot is your sausage’ application display. We will be doing live demonstrations of how to use Testo thermometers to show both the core temperature of the sausages, and surface temperature of the griddle during cooking. Thus, ensuring we are cooking the sausages at the correct temperature, and ultimately, proving we’re doing so safely.

As well as the sausage giveaway, a major focus at the show will be our data logger range, suitable for many applications in the food processing sector. These include low-cost loggers for simple temperature and/or humidity measurement in a cold storage room for instance, right through to the temperature of production items or the surface temperature of machines or motors themselves. Testo’s high-end data loggers have the capability to measure even the most extreme temperature ranges in production processes.

Another focus product is Testo’s Saveris 2, automated climate monitoring system. A cloud-based system that stores all measurement data in one central place, Testo’s Saveris 2 removes the need to collect data manually, meaning staff can use this time for other important tasks. There is also no longer a potential for readings to go missing. This has proved very handy for audits.




All Testo food safety equipment is HACCP certified. As well as those mentioned, Testo will have our full range of instruments on display including data loggers, thermometers, pH meters, cooking oil testers, infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermal barriers and more.


Exhibition info

In April 2018, the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging and logistics industries once again comes to Birmingham. With an expected 30,000 attendees across the 5 shows, the show aims to shine a light on top trends across the food manufacturing sectors; from improving traceability and food safety, transforming productivity and highlighting the latest new ingredients and super foods to make an impression on the industry.

Register free using the below detail:

Venue: NEC Birmingham

Dates: 16th -18th April

Section: Foodex

Stand number: K310

Register for free tickets at:

Like some more info?

For more information on Testo please go to or call us on 01420 544 33


Thermal Imaging for contractors – advantages in a nutshell

For contactors in the Building, Facilities Maintenance, HVAC, and Electrical industries, the ability to visualise each situation you are facing can make a huge difference. Knowing precisely where to start with a job, can save time and effort, meaning you increase efficiency, and ultimately provide a faster service to customers.

Those 20-30 minutes extra spent diagnosing each job soon add up, particularly at busy times of the year when you’ve got a waiting list. With that in mind, a valuable addition to many contractors toolkit is a thermal imaging camera.

But what specific applications is a thermal camera most useful for?

Below we summarise some of the best examples where thermal imaging has time and time again, proved an extremely effective diagnostic tool for contractors:


Heating and installation systems

  • Checking radiators for build-up of silt deposits
  • Identifying underfloor heating abnormalities

0560-8690_testo-869_04 underfloor-heating


Electrical Maintenance

  • Identifying overloads, imminent malfunctions or existing defects in switching cabinets and wiring

testo-872_0560-8721_08 overheating cable


Construction and Mould Assessment

  • Visualising thermal bridges in buildings
  • Detecting areas that are prone to mould

mould-risk-testo-limited testo-865_0560-8650_05


Leak Detection

  • Pinpointing thermal anomalies in leaking pipes
  • Locating roof leaks

testo-868_0560-8681_07 Floor_leak_example


Structural and Insulation Defects

  • Finding insulation defects
  • Checking air tightness of windows and doors

testo-868-871-872-house-with-scaleassist testo-872_0560-8721_07


Like some more information?

For more information on Thermography or any of please go to Alternatively, if you’ve got a requirement you’d like to discuss, you can contact us directly on +44 1420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help.

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Testo at PHEX 2016 Alexandra Palace – 18th and 19th May

testo-Smart-Probes-Phex-image 600x300


When: 18th – 19th May

Where: Alexandra Palace, London

Stand no: 96


About PHEX

Testo will be exhibiting at PHEX, Alexandra Palace for the “largest dedicated installer and contractor exhibition in London”, on the 18th and 19th May. PHEX offers installers in England the chance to meet some of the leading companies who manufacture the products they use every day.

Keeping in-touch with developments from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors is an integral part of any plumbing and heating engineer’s business, and PHEX makes sure everyone you need to talk to is under one roof.


Walk away with a testo on the day!

Testo will be exhibiting at PHEX 2016 and you can find us on Stand E96. Over the years testo have built up a reputation as the premier brand for all areas of HVAC instrumentation. Come and talk to our specialists to get the latest news, hands on experience with testo products and find out about our special offers.

At PHEX testo will be showcasing some of our newly released products, including the much-publicised testo Smart Probes, our full range of Flue Gas Analysers, as well as our best ever value thermal camera, designed specifically for contractors – the testo 869.

We are also offering visitors the opportunity to purchase products on the stand, with a limited amount of stock available at the event. This means if you see something that could benefit you, you don’t have to wait – walk away with your new recruit on the day!

Below is some more information on what we will have on display at the show:


Testo Smart Probes

Introducing the New range of Testo ‘Smart Probes’. These pocket-sized, professional measuring instruments are operated directly from your smartphone or tablet. Each instrument has been designed for its own specific application, measuring temperature, humidity, pressure or flow velocity.

Eight compact measuring instruments which can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and are operated entirely via the Free Smart probes App. Competitively priced, Testo Smart Probes are the ideal instruments for contractors with an enthusiasm for technology. However, thanks to the user friendly App, even the least tech savvy engineer shouldn’t find them difficult to use.

All Smart Probes are operated via the ‘Testo Smart Probes’ App. It offers the user many practical functions including:

  • Ability to clearly read the measurement values
  • Option to display the measurement data in either graph or tabular form
  • Downloadable measurement data as a PDF report or Excel file, at the touch of a button
  • Application-specific measurement menus, depending on the instrument
  • Take readings from up to 6 Smart Probes at a time, making comparisons between multiple measurements easier than ever

The App itself is completely free and is available for iOS from the App Store and Android via Google Play.


Flue Gas Analysers

Our Flue Gas Analyser range can quickly determine and eliminate malfunctions, monitor legal limit values and spot check in daily work on servicing heating systems. The latest editions to our Flue Gas range include the testo 310 and the testo 320B.

The testo 310 combines simple functions with high level measurement accuracy and is perfect for all basic measurements on heating systems. It’s easy handling and compact design make the Testo 310 a robust tool for daily work- even when things get rough.



Our Flue Gas Analysers provide precise and efficient measurement for all applications


Another new recruit, the Testo 320B has unique colour graphic display and built-in memory, making it fast and highly accurate. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to help you find the solution that suits you.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our thermal camera range have been designed in co-operation with building and heating contractors, service engineers and facilities maintenance specialists.  Their robust design and unmatched precision make them the perfect tool for any job.

Feel free to come by and have a go with any of our thermal imaging range and see how they might be of use to you or your business. Our thermal imaging specialists will be on hand and are more than happy to help with any queries you might have.



Speak to our specialists and find out how Thermal Imaging can be used to help your business


Additionally, if you would like information on any of our other products including CO2 and CO monitors, gas leak detectors, thermometers and pressure meters, please come and see us at stand 96 and we’ll be happy to help.


Interested in attending?

Although ‘pre-registration’ is now closed, you can still go along to the exhibition on Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th and register on the door. For more infomation on the show please Click here




To find out more about Testo instruments why not visit our website or call us on 01420 544433

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Thermal Imaging – It’s all about the resolution

Not all thermal images are the same. If you are using thermography for example to detect leakages, cold bridges, mould or overheated components, the details matter. These elements, as well as many others, only become visible from a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels. Every pixel is a measuring point, therefore the higher the resolution, the more accurately you measure. And when you measure more accurately, you detect irregularities earlier, avoiding unnecessary damage for you or your customer.



Screen resolution is hugely important for all types of thermography


Another big advantage of using a camera with exceptional resolution is that thermal images can be taken at far greater distances, without affecting the image quality. In addition to this, low spec thermal images can be unclear, and often don’t provide a true or accurate reading. It is for these reasons that many only consider thermal imaging from a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels “real thermography”, with true value, rather than just a gimmick.

Thermal imaging is used in a number of industries, however in order to fully utilise this technology you first need make sure you’re using a quality camera. A good thermal camera should be a robust, quality tool which can be used for many day to day applications. Here are some examples where having the facility to take clear, crisp, non-intrusive thermal images is a huge advantage:


Checking heating installations

Whether pipes hidden under plaster, or leakages: With a thermal camera, you can non-intrusively make visible what you cannot see with the naked eye. You effortlessly visualise underfloor heating courses, and check the performance of a radiator at a glance. In these applications, a thermal sensitivity (NETD) of at least 100 mK is also important, in addition to the resolution.


blocked radiator 2

Using thermal imaging you can visualise heat distribution of radiators and heating systems


Inspecting switching cabinets

In switching cabinets, malfunctions are usually preceded by a temperature increase. With top-quality thermal camera you can not only measure this, but also visualise it. This can all be achieved precisely, without contact, and before it’s too late. The high-quality 160 x 120-pixel detector never misses an overheated contactor, an overloaded cable or an insufficiently tightened clamp.


testo-thermal-imaging-overheating cable

With a thermal camera you can pinpoint overheating cables immediately


Discovering building defects

Using thermal imaging you can discover and analyse cold bridges and sealing or insulation defects quicker and more efficiently than with any other tool. This results in the following advantages for you:

  1. Ensure building quality and can initiate preventive measures.
  2. Impress with the visual presentation of the quality of your work.



Thermal analysis is an efficient method of detecting structural defects


Identifying mould danger

High quality thermal imaging cameras calculate the humidity value of each measuring point from the externally determined ambient temperature, the air humidity, as well as the measured surface temperature. The humidity palette in the imager then uses the traffic light principle to represent the different risk zones:

Green = no risk

Amber = caution, mould formation possible

Red = mould danger



With thermal imaging you can outline areas at risk of damp before anything is visible to the naked eye


For more details on thermal imaging please visit our website or if you’ve got an enquiry you’d like to discuss, give us a call on 01420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help.

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