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Testo Calibration Services – more than meets the eye

Testo Limited offer UKAS and ISO calibrations on a wide range of instrumentation.

Whilst you may be aware we offer calibration on testo instruments, you may also be interested to know we offer calibration services for instruments from many other manufacturers too!



Testo provide top quality calibration for a huge range of instruments


Here are some of the many parameters we supply first-class calibration services for:


Track your instrument every step of the way

1. Thanks to testo’s innovative service tracker you can track your instruments online.

2. An email will be sent to you at every stage of the process to update you on the progress of your instrument or track your instrument yourself by entering the serial number.

3. A reminder will then be sent to you before your next calibration is due which, can be handy if you’ve got other things on your mind, so there’s no risk of forgetting.


Arrange your instrument collection online

Simply complete an online UPS collection form and we’ll do the rest.


Want some more information?

For further information or a quotation, please visit our brand new website:


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HACCP Management just got a whole lot easier – Introducing the testo 250

It’s time to welcome testo’s latest recruit; the all New testo 250 HACCP management system. Thanks to this innovative new system, for the first time it is possible to 100% digitally control all measurements, checks and documentation in the context of HACCP. The testo 250 truly provides a break-through solution to a number of issues experienced by members of the food safety industry. Here’s some more information:


Key Advantages include:

  • Track the status of all tasks and processes in an instant – Every step is automatically documented and updated.
  • Always be prepared for audits or inspections – All data is securely stored and available at a moment’s notice.
  • Saves you time and money – HACCP processes are managed by planning and collecting data efficiently.
  • No more paperwork – All processes are managed digitally so there is no longer need for manual administration.



100% HACCP. 0% Paper.


The Complete HACCP solution

Quality is crucial for all companies in the food industry. In 1959, the HACCP concept was created by NASA and the Pilsbury Corporation to ensure the highest level of food safety for the first manned space flights. Its objective is to avoid possible dangers in food production, in order to protect the health of consumers. Since the documentation of all processes and quality data is crucial in HACCP, up to now the concept could only be realised with huge quantities of checklists, forms and documents. This becomes a problem when, in cases of audits or complaints, clearly assigned proof needs to found quickly.

With the testo 250 spot checks have never been simpler


Finally manage HACCP with ease

The HACCP management system testo 250 uses paper-free documentation of HACCP processes, and supports the guided set-up of a HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius. With it companies can trace all quality data on a single device and massively improve the efficiency of their HACCP processes. Recordings can then be used as proof of activity, so you can be certain produce is being correctly monitored.This results in a considerable advantage for companies. In short, having more efficient HACCP processes will save them both time and money.

Using a completely digital system also minimises human errors which can occur when filling out checklists by hand. Responsible quality managers can then trace all quality data at the touch of a button, ensuring they are always prepared for unexpected complaints or audits.


Existing processes and integration

A major advantage of the HACCP management system is it can quickly be combined with an existing wireless LAN. As soon as an internet connection is set up, all processes, proofs and measurement values will be collated and stored via the testo cloud. There they are securely stored and protected from data loss and manipulation.


Cockpit, Control Unit and Check: The components of testo 250


With the testo 250 HACCP Cockpit – the web-based control centre of the system – the quality manager defines the HACCP processes and correction measures, as well as all measurement and checking ­tasks. With the Cockpit­ the user can analyse all measurement data, and view the status of set tasks.

Control Unit and probes

The compact testo 250 HACCP Control Unit was developed for the on-site staff entrusted with measurement and documentation tasks. It consists of a high-performance tablet with a durable protective cover, specially developed for use in rough, humid and hectic surroundings. To make optimum use of the Control Unit, the user can incorporate a temperature probe to take measurements. There are two compatible probes available; the testo 102-1 (standard wired plug in probe) and the testo 104IR Bluetooth (Infrared and penetration thermometer connected by Bluetooth).



Finally the testo 250 HACCP Check App is pre-installed on the tablet and guides the user safely through each individual step of the HACCP process. Measurement values are either input directly or via Bluetooth. If measurement results are critical or limit values are exceeded, the App immediately picks up on this and provides instructions on corrective measures. In addition, documentation using photos, scanning of barcodes and identification of users and locations via NFC technology are implemented.


Want a demo?

If you want to find out more about the testo 250 or you’d like to arrange a no obligation demo please either call us on 01420 544433 or email us at and we’ll be very happy to help. For more information on testo’s solutions for the food industry please visit

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Testo Smart Probes – The future of HVAC engineering

Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work

Introducing the New range of Testo ‘Smart Probes’. These pocket-sized, professional measuring instruments are operated directly from your smartphone or tablet. Each instrument has been designed for it’s own specific application, measuring temperature, humidity, pressure or flow velocity.

Smartphones and tablets make our day-to-day life easier in almost every situation, from searching for answers on google, to watching step by step guides on YouTube. So why can’t this apply to contractors’ measurement tasks? That’s precisely what Testo’s product developers asked themselves – and the result was the New Smart Probes range.



Eight compact measuring instruments which can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and are operated entirely via the Free Smart probes App. Competitively priced, Testo Smart Probes are the ideal instruments for contractors with an enthusiasm for technology. However, thanks to the user friendly App, even the least tech savvy engineer shouldn’t find them difficult to use.


Access all your measurements with one, easy to use App

All Smart Probes are operated via the ‘Testo Smart Probes’ App. It offers the user many practical functions including:


  • Ability to clearly read the measurement values
  • Option to display the measurement data in either graph or tabular form
  • Downloadable measurement data as a PDF report or Excel file, at the touch of a button
  • Application-specific measurement menus, depending on the instrument
  • Take readings from up to 6 Smart Probes at a time, making comparisons between multiple measurements easier than ever


The App itself is completely free and is available for iOS from the App Store and Android via Google Play.



Choose to view your findings as a graph, table, or simply the measurements themselves. It’s up to you!


Simple Documentation for your customers

As we have mentioned above, all measurement data is downloadable as either a PDF report or Excel file, and can be sent directly to your email account. Another advantage of the App running on a tablet or phone is the Smart Probes App will pick up on the address you are working at.

Once measurements have been completed a simple Import function in the App allows customer details to be automatically added to reports which can be saved and emailed. This means all reports can quickly and easily be tailored specifically for each individual job.


Worried about your mobile data allowance? Don’t be.

Smart probes connect and run entirely via Bluetooth, so no need to worry about using up your 3G internet allowance, as this will be unaffected.


Compact but effective

The smart probes are pocket size, similarly to our pocket line range. Because of this they offer a practical solution for contractors who don’t want to keep their larger, bulky equipment with them at all times. Despite being so compact, the Smart Probes are in no way delicate, built to withstand the everyday rigours associated with being a HVAC contractor.

testo-Smart-ProbesDon’t be fooled by their size, these probes are as robust and quality as all testo equipment


So those are the advantages, what Smart probes are available?

Below is a short break down of each of the smart probes, including prices and functionality. If at any point you have a query about one of the smart probes and its capablities you can visit our website for further details. Alternatively please feel free to give us a call on 01420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help:


testo 510i – Differential pressure meter (Bluetooth) £65.00



  • Measurement of gas flow pressure and static pressure
  • Measurement menu for pressure-drop test including alarms
  • Easy configuration and determination of the volume flow with Pitot tube
  • Magnetic fixture for better attachment
  • Measuring range -150 to 150 mbar







testo 549i – High-pressure gauge (Bluetooth) £45.00



  • Measurement of high and low pressure
  • Quick and easy installation at the pressure connection
  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application
  • Measuring range -1 to 60 bar








testo 115i – Clamp thermometer (Bluetooth) £39.00



  • Measurement of flow and return temperature in heating systems
  • Temperature measurement on refrigeration systems for automatic calculation of superheating and subcooling
  • Comfortable application also at far apart measurement locations
  • Fast identification of temperature changes by graph curve display
  • Measuring range -40 to +150 °C





testo 905i – Thermometer (Bluetooth) £49.00



  • Measurement of temperatures in rooms, ducts and at air outlets
  • Fast identification of temperature change by graph curve display
  • Measuring range -50 to +150 °C









testo 805i: Infrared thermometer (Bluetooth) £59.00



  • Non-contact, infrared measurement of the surface temperature
  • Measurement spot marking with easily visible 8-point laser circle
  • Easy selection of emissivity with stored material list
  • Image documentation with measurement values and measurement spot marking
  • Optics 10:1, Measuring range -30 to +250 °C






testo 605i – Thermohygrometer (Bluetooth) £59.00



  • Measurement of air humidity and temperature in rooms and ducts
  • Automatic calculation of the dewpoint and wet bulb temperature
  • Measuring range 0 to 100 %RH; 20 to +60°C









testo 405i – Thermal anemometer (Bluetooth) £69.00



  • Measurement of air flow velocity, volumetric flow and temperature
  • Easy configuration of the dimensions and geometry of the duct cross-section for determining volume flow
  • Telescopic shaft extendable up to 400 mm
  • Measuring range 0 to 30 m/s and -20 to +60 °C









testo 410i – Vane anemometer (Bluetooth) £59.00



  • Measurement of air flow velocity, volumetric flow and temperature
  • Presentation of the volume flow of several outlets for the purposes of regulating systems
  • Easy parameterisation of the outlet (dimensions and geometry)
  • Measuring range 0.4 to 30 m/s and -20 to +60 °C




In addition to the above, there are also sets available. These have been created specifically for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning or Heating contractors, depending on your field of expertise. They come with a case as well as offering a price advantage. For more information on the Smart Probe Sets please click on the links below:


                Heating Set                            Refrigeration Set                             VAC Set


          £159.00                     £165.00                     £239.00


For more information on the New testo Smart Probes or any testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433

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5 hints for using an Infrared thermometer

The use of thermometers is wide spread across a huge number of industries and applications. The advances in infrared and laser technology have allowed for the development of non-contact infrared thermometers. These come with some huge advantages over contact and penetration thermometers and give the user a much less invasive, more efficient means of accurately reading temperatures.

Infrared thermometers can be used for all sorts of applications in the food sector, whether to measure surface temperature of individual foods or entire goods pallets. This can be be done entirely without contact or having to damage packaging, which is particularly useful for the Incoming Goods department. If a limit value is exceeded or undershot, the hinged penetration probe is also able to measure the core temperature.


With an Infrared thermometer there’s no need to damage goods

A lot of people think with advances in technology such as this, so comes the requirement for a greater level of understanding before an instrument can be used effectively. In actual fact infrared thermometers are very easy to use, regardless of prior technical proficiency. There are however some useful hints and tips that can help you get the best out your Infrared thermometer and at Testo we understand that every little bit of information helps.

So here are some tips when using your infrared thermometer, we hope you find them useful:

1. When not in use make sure that the sensor is covered – this will make certain it doesn’t get damaged.

2. Keep from shining laser and infrared beams directly into eyes – might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often this happens!

3. Pay attention to reflective surfaces – this my affect your beam and therefore your readings.

4. Always make sure that an infrared thermometer is appropriate for the job at hand – if a limit value is exceeded or undershot, a penetration probe may be needed to measure the core temperature. The testo 104IR would be ideal in this instance as it is capable of Infrared measurements and has also has a fold-able probe if needed.


Some applications will require a penetration probe, so it is best to have a thermometer with both options

5. Beware of steam or screen condensation – this might skew your readings.


About Testo Food Safety

Testo offer a wide range of equipment for food safety which will help you meet your HACCP requirements and give you the reassurance you are storing and cooking your food safely. Our instruments include temperature monitoring systems, data loggers, thermometers, cooking oil testers, PH meters and much more.

Whether it is for spot checks or long-term monitoring, from farm to fork, Testo has the right instrument for the job. Want to find out more about testo food safety equipment? Why not visit our website or give us a call on 01420 544433

Teamwork Makes Great Business – CESA Conference 2015



When: November 12th – 13th, 2015

Where: Hilton, London, Wembley


About CESA Conference 2015

Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer or consultant involved with catering equipment, or an operator working within the foodservice & hospitality sector, attending the CESA conference will provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Find out the very latest industry thinking from speakers at the heart of the issues
  • Add your voice & influence the debate on the way forward
  • Network with over 200 of the industry’s leading players

With an outstanding speaker programme and a focus on business relevant content, this year’s conference will provide you and your colleagues with valuable management information.

In addition to the conference content there are many other reasons to attend the CESA conference:

  • Informal networking dinner (12th Nov)
  • Play golf at Stanmore Golf Club
  • Network with your peers and customers
  • Gala Dinner (13th Nov)
  • Gym and leisure facilities for partners
  • Presentation of the FCSI Sustainable Catering Equipment Award
  • 20th Outstanding Contribution to the Catering Equipment Industry Award


Come and speak to us

Testo offer a wide range of instruments for food applications which will help you meet your HACCP requirements and give you the reassurance your methods are safe. Whether it is for spot checks or long-term monitoring, Testo has the right instrument for the job. Here is some more information on some of the products we will have on stand:



Cooking Oil Testing

The patented Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester allows you to determine within seconds whether cooking oil needs changing. This will not only make sure you’re cooking with clean oil, but is also proven to save you money on cooking oil costs.



Saveris 2 – WIFI data loggersSaveris_2

Testo’s new and improved Saveris 2 makes temperature and humidity analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before. By using a Cloud-based monitoring system it allows information to be stored and accessed remotely. This means users can monitor and react to issues from anywhere in the world. This will help to reduce pressure, relieving the need to be constantly on-site to keep measurement values under control.


104-water-proof-folding-thermometer-0563-0104-testo-2Testo Thermometers

Our practical folding thermometers are your insurance between the kitchen and the counter. These handy companions are always ready to use and are ideally suitable for fast temperature checks at a buffet, for instance. They are waterproof and dishwasher-safe, and therefore absolutely fit for use in kitchens.



Interested in attending?

Click here to book your place at CESA Conference 2015.cesa-logo

For more information on our Catering instrumentation or any Testo products please visit our website:

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