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Foodex 2018: Come and visit the Testo stand and discover our measuring solutions that ensure Food Safety from farm to fork

Measuring instrument manufacturers Testo, will be at Foodex demonstrating our safety equipment for the processing sector. On stand K310, our experts will be on hand to explain how Testo’s range of instruments help operators ensure they are storing, producing and distributing food safely from farm to fork, whilst also enhancing process efficiency.


Testo’s range of Food Safety equipment includes data loggers, thermometers, pH meters, cooking oil testers, infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermal barriers and more


On our stand, Testo will be giving out Free sausages, as part of our ‘how hot is your sausage’ application display. We will be doing live demonstrations of how to use Testo thermometers to show both the core temperature of the sausages, and surface temperature of the griddle during cooking. Thus, ensuring we are cooking the sausages at the correct temperature, and ultimately, proving we’re doing so safely.

As well as the sausage giveaway, a major focus at the show will be our data logger range, suitable for many applications in the food processing sector. These include low-cost loggers for simple temperature and/or humidity measurement in a cold storage room for instance, right through to the temperature of production items or the surface temperature of machines or motors themselves. Testo’s high-end data loggers have the capability to measure even the most extreme temperature ranges in production processes.

Another focus product is Testo’s Saveris 2, automated climate monitoring system. A cloud-based system that stores all measurement data in one central place, Testo’s Saveris 2 removes the need to collect data manually, meaning staff can use this time for other important tasks. There is also no longer a potential for readings to go missing. This has proved very handy for audits.




All Testo food safety equipment is HACCP certified. As well as those mentioned, Testo will have our full range of instruments on display including data loggers, thermometers, pH meters, cooking oil testers, infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermal barriers and more.


Exhibition info

In April 2018, the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging and logistics industries once again comes to Birmingham. With an expected 30,000 attendees across the 5 shows, the show aims to shine a light on top trends across the food manufacturing sectors; from improving traceability and food safety, transforming productivity and highlighting the latest new ingredients and super foods to make an impression on the industry.

Register free using the below detail:

Venue: NEC Birmingham

Dates: 16th -18th April

Section: Foodex

Stand number: K310

Register for free tickets at:

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For more information on Testo please go to or call us on 01420 544 33


How does your work environment measure up?

Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are constantly having an effect on everything around us. Regardless of which industry you work in, you will see the the effects of these environmental factors in one way or another. Whether these effects are visible in the happiness & well-being of your colleagues or in a physical effect on your products and services, it is something that all organisations and establishments must give attention to effectively managing.

testo Saveris Base_p_in_sta_000247While versatility and quality are two qualities at the heart of every Testo product, these terms are never more applicable than with the Testo Saveris wireless monitoring system. The areas and industries where the Saveris monitoring system has applications are hugely varied and range from personal welfare in the workplace to industries where precise monitoring and control of environmental conditions is key (such as medical research).

The Saveris system is based around a central base unit which is wirelessly connected to a number of probes (up to 150) which can then be positioned in various locations where you need to monitor the humidity and temperature. This means that you can get simultaneous reporting from a number of different locations/environments and record all the readings without requiring any human involvement.

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Temperature and humidity measurement mastered

The quality of our working environment is important to us all. In a number of industries though, the temperature and humidity at work is a huge factor in the safe and effective operation of business. Across these industries the accurate monitoring & maintenance of temperature and humidity is of vital importance and ensuring consistency is a constant problem. However, with the Testo Saveris wireless monitoring system this requirement has an easy, convenient and effective solution.

testo Saveris Base_p_in_sta_000247The Testo Saveris wireless monitoring system has applications across a wide range of industries including: Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Food cold chain, Transport,  Research and development and General climate monitoring requirements. The Saveris system is comprised of a base unit connected to a number of wireless probes and transmitters which can be strategically placed in order to ensure the necessary area (be it a refrigerated transport vehicle or a research laboratory) is monitored. These continuously monitor their environment and relay the readings back to the base unit to be recorded.

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