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The testo Smart Probes Refrigeration Set has been nominated for Refrigeration product of the year!

We are happy to announce that our testo Smart Probes Refrigeration Set has been shortlisted and is now a finalist at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2017 as Refrigeration Product of the Year.

The awards aim to celebrate leading innovations and environmental successes in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

This year the competition was fierce and the judges only selected those who demonstrated the very highest standards. We are really proud that the panel of experts judging them considered the testo Smart Probes as to be one of them.

Testo’s Smart Probes have proved hugely popular since their release at the beginning of 2016 and have caused a real stir, attracting attention across the HVAC/R industry. They have been described as a complete “Game Changer” for the industry by some of their early adopters.



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What are the dangers of HVAC pressure? Everything you need to know

It’s no secret that HVAC and refrigeration systems are complicated pieces of equipment. But with the right technology and a bit of know-how, it’s easier than you’d think to have them running safely and efficiently.

There are a number of process occurring inside these machines all at once, with temperatures and pressures contributing to their functionality. If either of these functions develop issues, it can compromise the effectiveness of the unit, or create a dangerous work environment.



With the right support HVAC systems don’t pose as many problems as they used to


The following examples outline the potential dangers of incorrect pressure readings, and possible causes for these problems.


What dangers do incorrect pressures pose?

HVAC and refrigeration units are designed with certain operating conditions in mind, and the parts that comprise them will all have a specific set of tolerances to ensure they don’t fail. While most units will have a cut-off that detects dangerous pressures, these instances still pose a threat to its functionality.

HVAC Web Tech states high pressure within these units could cause the internal cylinder to rupture, rendering it useless. In extreme cases, this can create further problems if the pressure is great enough to release the refrigerant at force.

In such an event the force can even cause damage to nearby workers or other machinery. The organisation advises that any personnel working with faulty units should be wearing the necessary protective clothing in case high pressures overload them.


How is high pressure caused?

Due to the complicated nature of these units, there are a number of reasons for pressures to become too high or too low. One possible cause, which is relatively simple to diagnose is an overcharged refrigerant. Put simply, this means there is too much of the respective refrigerant in the system, which normally results in high pressure readings.

The amount of refrigerant in a system greatly affects its potential to function and contributes to low pressure measurements as well. If there is too little refrigerant in the unit, it will result in low pressure, preventing the machine from running at its best.


What will help to keep pressures in check?

testo-550-digital-refrigeration-manifold-bluetoothThe best way to ensure these conditions don’t endanger your HVAC unit is to schedule regular maintenance and ensure it is performed correctly. On top of this, any strange behaviours from the machine should prompt immediate inspection.

Devices such as the testo 550 Refrigeration gauge (pictured right) provide an easy way to inspect pressures in your HVAC and refrigeration equipment, with the digital display feeding accurate information that is right first time, every time.


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How much could a refrigerant leak cost you?

No matter which industry you are working in, health and safety procedures should of course be the prime operating focus, ensuring that all work is carried out safely and efficiently. This is especially true when potentially dangerous gases are involved, such as in the refrigeration and HVAC industry.

One major problem with refrigeration in particular is many engineers still use older, analogue devices which often provide inaccurate or obscure readings. This then means either the end result will prove incorrect or the technician might feel they have to try and work out the results themselves. Inevitably this leads to mistakes, which when you’re working with gases can become costly or perhaps even deadly.


US fine reaches millions of dollars

There are multiple costs associated with making mistakes in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. Not only is there the risk of fines, but as mentioned above people can also become sick – or worse – when refrigeration gauges aren’t used effectively.

Both issues were highlighted in a US case a few years ago, with a mammoth fine handed out to a corporation responsible for an airborne ammonia leak that occurred while the company responded to BP’s much documented oil spill in 2010.

According to a joint media release from the US Environment Protection Agency and the US Department of Justice, the leak caused 152 people to become sick, four of whom were admitted to intensive care. These people were responding to the oil spill incident when they were exposed to the gas.

Cases like this outline just how important regular checks are

The ammonia leak occurred due to a major refrigeration equipment malfunction which released around 32,000 pounds of ammonia into the air. While this example is an extreme case of refrigeration equipment failure, it certainly highlights the value of regular maintenance checks.

As a result of the leak’s scale and its preventable nature, the company was reported to have been fined a total of 3 million dollars.


How can you ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

Whether you’re working on a scale as large as the above example or simply performing routine checks on your building’s HVAC system, you need to ensure you have up-to-date instruments that capitalise on the latest technology to provide safe and effective measuring standards.

Testo’s recently released range of ‘Smart’ Manifolds offer the latest and most precise refrigeration technology. The new testo 557 is the flagship for our range of digital manifolds. It comes complete with 60 built-in refrigerants, removing calibration time and allowing you to measure a diverse range of gases straight out of the box.


With testo’s new Smart technology HVAC measurements are more effecient than ever


It also communicates with your smartphone using the testo refrigeration app, so you can monitor results whichever way suits you best.

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Testo launch brand new Electrical Testing range

Testo rings in a new era in electrical measurement technology – testo have added to their extensive list of testing solutions with the launch of a brand new electrical measurent range, offering unique technology and exceptional user-friendliness.


testo-electrical-testing-equipment - Copy

Testo’s new range of instruments for electrical testing have a number of unique features


After intensive research and development work, testo have launched range of electrical testing instruments, a move that sees the company not only entering previously unfamiliar territory, but that also rings in a new era in this field. These innovative new products make it possible for users to carry out their daily measurement tasks more easily, safely and efficiently than ever before.

In contrast to many products on the market, the measuring instruments from testo show many differentiating benefits and an excellent price-performance ratio. Added to this is the advantage, that with 12 products, testo covers the entire spectrum of electrical measurement parameters from one provider.


Making contractors’ working lives easier

The market for electrical measuring instruments today already offers a multitude of solutions for many different measurement parameters. Knowing this, testo did not want to simply launch yet another ‘me too’ instrument on to the market, instead aiming to provide true added value for industry professionals.

In particular, testo wanted to provide instruments that enable contractors to work more efficiently than with existing measurement solutions. The new instruments are extremely user-friendly: they are easy and intuitive to use, save many work steps, offer the highest level of safety, and are suitable for many various applications.


Five product families for all important measurement tasks

testo 760-1-digital-multimeterTesto has launched a total of five product families for all important measurements on electrical appliances and systems. These include a digital multimeter in three versions, which automatically recognises the measurement parameters by socket use, and which can be more safely operated using function buttons than with the usual rotary dial.testo-770-1_front

Three clamp meter models with a unique fully retractable clamp mechanism that allows current cables to be grabbed precisely. And two current-voltage testers which fulfil the newest voltage tester standard, and select measurement parameters automatically and without the danger of confusion.

Completing the range are three voltage testers – all equipped with an all-round LED display which can be read from any position – and a non-contact voltage tester with a filter for high-frequency interference.


An overview of testo’s electrical testing range

Below is a short break down of each of the models in the range, with an overview of the different versions available and their functionalities. If you would like full specifications please visit our website: Additionally, if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us on 01420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help.


testo 760 – the first automatic multimeter

The testo 760 digital multimeter family comprises three models for all important electrical measuring tasks. Function keys replace the traditional dial on all three instruments, which means easier operation and greater reliability. Incorrect settings are now impossible, because the measurement parameters are detected automatically via the assignment of the measuring sockets and also shown by the illumination of the appropriate function keys.



The testo 760 automatically detects the required measurement parameter meaning it couldn’t be more user friendly


The testo 760-1 model is the standard version for virtually all daily measuring tasks. The testo 760-2 is differentiated by a larger current measurement range, the true root mean square measurement – TRMS – and a low-pass filter. The testo 760-3 is the model with the highest specification and, in addition to the features of the other two models, it has a voltage range of up to 1,000 V, along with higher measuring ranges for frequency and capacitance.


testo 770 – grab cables without touching

The three instruments in the testo 770 clamp meter family are ideally suited for current measurement in switching cabinets. One of the two pincer arms can be fully retracted into the instrument. This unique grab mechanism means that cables in tight switching cabinets can be easily grabbed. The automatic measurement parameter detection also ensures reliable work: in the current and voltage area, all three instruments detect direct and alternating current and select other parameters such as resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance automatically.



The testo 770’s fully retractable pincer makes it easy to clamp round tough to reach cables


The testo 770-1 model is the standard version for daily measuring tasks, including starting current measurement. The testo 770-2 also has a µA range as well as an integrated temperature adapter for all type K thermocouples. In addition to this, the testo 770-3 offers a performance measurement function and can be connected with the testo Smart Probes App by Bluetooth. In the App, you can display the measurement progression as a graph and document it directly in the report.


testo 755 – the first voltage tester measuring current

Both instruments in the testo 755 current/voltage tester family are the first of their kind: voltage testers which meet the latest standard and which can also measure current. This means they are suitable for virtually all daily electrical measuring tasks. Each time they are used they automatically select the right settings and therefore prevent dangerous incorrect settings. Both instruments have all the important functions for determining voltage/de-energisation, for measuring current and resistance, as well as for continuity tests.



The testo 755 meets the required standards as both a current and voltage tester


In addition, the integrated flashlight enables dark spots to be illuminated. The measuring tips can be changed easily, so that the whole instrument does not need to be replaced in the event of damage. The testo 755-2 model is differentiated by the larger current range of up to 1,000 V and special functions, such as the single pole phase testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.


testo 750 – the voltage tester with all-round LED display

The three models in the testo 750 voltage tester family are the first instruments with an all-round LED display. The display can be seen from any position and guarantees an ideal voltage indication thanks to its unique fibre optics. All three models meet the latest voltage tester standard EN 61243-3:2010 and have a safety specification according to CAT IV. They have the most important functions for voltage testing, continuity testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.



The testo 760’s all round LED display helps when reading measurements from awkward positions


The testo 750-2 is also suitable for single pole voltage testing and has a flashlight along with an RC trigger function. Vibrating load buttons ensure that trigger tests cannot be carried out accidentally. In addition, the testo 750-3 is fitted with an LC display to show the current reading.


testo 745 – the non-contact voltage tester with low-pass filter

The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester with a voltage range of up to 1,000 V is particularly well-suited to fast initial checking of any suspected fault sources. When the presence of voltage is determined, the testo 745 gives a warning via a clear visual and acoustic signal.



The testo 745 is perfect for quick spot checks if you suspect a cable could be live


In order to increase reliability, the voltage tester has a filter for high-frequency interference signals and is also waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67.


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The 9th testo Smart Probe?

Testo have just released a new version of a classic HVAC hero, the testo 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge has been re-released with added Bluetooth capability, opening the door for a number of new features.

testo-smart-probes-smart world

The testo 552 is a digital vacuum measuring instrument for the evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. It measures even the smallest absolute pressures and provides highly precise information on the status of the dehumidification of a system (removal of foreign substances, incl. oils or foreign gases).testo-552-Vacuum-measuring-instrument-front-0560-5520



Although not an official member of the ‘Smart Probe‘ range, the new version of the testo 552 connects via Bluetooth with the testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone or tablet.

This allows you to monitor the absolute pressure reached during the evacuation, conduct in depth analysis, create measurement reports and send these by e-mail report.



With the new testo 552 App function, results are downloadable as a PDF report


The testo 552 is the only digital vacuum measuring instrument whose absolute pressure sensor, in contrast to other sensor technologies, no longer needs to be serviced, and still provides highly accurate measurement results. Thanks to the battery life of up to 2400 hours with two conventional AA batteries, you can use the testo 552 in continuous operation for 100 days without changing the battery. Its robust construction makes it suitable for daily use, and protects from dirt and water.


Other features and strengths of the testo 552:

  • Maintenance-free absolute pressure sensor
  • 2400 hours’ battery life
  • Measurement of H2O evaporation temperature
  • Optical alarm when limit values are exceeded


For more information on the New testo 552, testo Smart Probes or any other testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433

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