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Testo 330-2 LX Smart Flue gas analyser Receives Product of the Month at Boiler Guide

We are happy to announce that our testo 330-2LX flue gas analyser was chosen as product of the month by

In 2017, Testo is turning 60 – and we’re celebrating with the testo 330-1 LX, testo 330-2 LX and testo 330i LX flue gas analysers anniversary sets. They are the only models on the market with 5 years’ warranty without a maintenance contract. All 3 instruments connect to the free testo combustion App for more ease of operation and documentation.

The testo 330-2 LX is the professional flue gas analyser which fulfils any measurement task on gas, oil and solid fuel systems and meets the highest requirements of commercial flue gas analysis.


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For more information on the testo 330-2LX Smart Flue Gas Analyser or any of our products please visit our website or give us a a call on +44 1420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help


New Smart Flue Gas Analysers – testo 330LX Special Anniversary sets

In 2017, Testo is turning 60 – celebrating this occasion with a new special edition range of testo 330 ‘Smart’ flue gas analysers. The new versions, called testo 330LX, include Free Bluetooth to enable the analyser to be connected to Testo’s free Combustion App. The App provides remote control of the analyser, plus an instant record of test results which can be shared via email.

This anniversary highlights 60 years of professional expertise, high-quality products and innovative solutions that support users in their everyday work. The intelligent professional analysis tools from Testo are the perfect solution for all measurements in and around heating systems. Based on the successful testo 330-2LL and testo 330i models, Testo is now taking the next step towards even smarter and more efficient combustion analysis, introducing three new testo 330 LX anniversary editions.


60 years of development has resulted in the pinnacle of flue gas measurement technology


All units include Bluetooth, enabling the analyser to be connected to Testo’s free Combustion App. Through the App, the analyser can be remotely controlled, plus test results are easily integrated into a report on site and shared via email. In addition to a sensor lifetime of up to 6 years, a 60 months’ warranty on O2 and CO sensors makes them the only models on the market offering a 5 years’ warranty without a maintenance contract. To fulfil highest-level standards of flue gas analysis, the three measuring instruments meet the highest requirements regarding longevity, precision and reliability. Numerous stored measurement menus and intuitive operation make your daily work easier than ever before. On top of this, the comprehensive flue gas probe range and other accessories from Testo often replace an additional instrument.

To sum up, the anniversary models stand out thanks to their innovative design and cutting-edge features. Enabling high-quality flue gas analysis, they support their user in a lot of different ways and ensure a simple and efficient reporting on site via the app. Take the next step to a more efficient combustion analysis and join Testo in celebrating their 60th birthday of measuring instrument expertise.


Key advantages:

All testo 330 LX and testo 330i LX models offer:

  • Free Bluetooth with free Combustion App
  • Long life O2 and CO sensors with 5 years’ warranty (even without a service contract)
  • Colour graphical display for a clearer data assessment
  • Logger function for 2-hour continuous measurement
  • Memory for 500,000 readings
  • Menu driven tests for flue gas measurement, tightness & let-by, differential temperature, draught, pressure, gas & oil rating and more
  • Optional probes for CO and CO2 ambient measurement, and for gas leak detection
  • CO measurement up to 30,000 ppm due to fresh air dilution


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For more information on testo’s summer support or any of our products please visit our website or give us a a call on +44 1420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help

Testo’s New Service plans get fantastic customer reviews

At the end of 2015 Testo listened to customer feedback regarding service and responded by dramatically improving their Flue Gas Analyser Service offering. The new service prices offered faster turnaround time and a host of other features, and start from just £99 per year! And that is without being tied down to any service contract, or plan.

With this update Testo now not only have the best quality equipment, but also have service prices to match.


Customer feedback

Since the new service structure was implemented Testo have been absolutely blown away with the amount of positive feedback we’ve received from our customers. Here are some of the best examples:

“A very prompt and efficient service.”


“Good service at a reasonable cost.”


“Excellent service, cannot fault it.”


“Fantastic service, this is why I always buy testo. And always will.”


“Great Service, great people to deal with. Would not consider anyone else.”


“First class service, even arranged collection service for next day delivery. Wouldn’t hesitate in using again.”


“Turnaround time has significantly improved in the return of recalibrated analysers.”


“Pleased with the speed of the service and that the cost seems to be much better value than in years gone by.”


New – Simple – Fasttesto-320b-flue-gas-analyser

As well as making improvements to service pricing, Testo’s new options also include a number of additional benefits:

  • Full instrument check and service
  • ISO Calibration Certificate
  • Replacement sensors
  • Free online app to check the progress of your FGA service
  • Convenient drop off / collection at your local heating merchant
  • All spare parts required, with no exceptions
  • UPS collect and return service
  • Fast Track Guaranteed 3 Day Service


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For more information on Testo’s New service options please go to


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The most important transfer of the summer #teamtesto

The football transfer deadline might have passed but it’s not too late to make the most important switch of the summer. With service rates now starting at just £99 there couldn’t be a better time to upgrade to a testo analyser.


So what’s changed?

At testo there is one thing that stands out as the most important to us; our customers. It is for this reason that we are making strides to improve the areas which we have had some criticism in the past regarding flue gas analyser servicing. We have taken customer feedback on board which has resulted in us making a huge effort to dramatically improve both our service pricing and turnaround times.

Testo’s new flue gas analyser service prices start from just £99 per year. There is no contract or ‘lock in’, so each year engineers can decide the option that suits them best. Both the Pure and Premium service offer an annual analyser health check, ISO Calibration Certificate and replacement sensors if needed.

Our Premium service is from just £129 and offers the additional benefits of a guaranteed 3-day turnaround, plus added extras worth more than £40, including a UPS collect and return service and all spare parts.


What do testo users think?

Since the launch of our Pure and Premium FGA servicing options in October 2015 we continue to receive positive feedback for these services. The aim was to improve and simplify our pricing for service options, whilst offering our customers added value.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s some examples of the feedback we’ve received so far:

  • “Fast and efficient”

  • “First class service”

  • “Turnaround time has significantly improved”

  • “Everything was carried out speedily and without a hitch”


Testo Service has significantly improved over the last 11 months


  • “Really quick turnaround compared to competitor manufacturers”

  • “We are very happy with the pure and premium cover and prices”

  • “As well as having the best equipment, testo now have great service too”

  • “Yes no complaints on price. We received the instrumentation back in a decent time”


As you can see following this changed service structure we’re hearing some really positive things from testo users. In the future we aim to continue to improve and enhance our services, with our customer feedback being the driving force behind this.


Want more information for testo’s improved service options?

For more information on the testo service prices please visit: or call our dedicated service team on 01420 544433 and press option 2.

New Smart Flue Gas Analyser – testo 330i

It’s time to welcome the latest recruit in the testo flue gas family. The New testo 330i flue gas analyser is the combination of proven technology and revolutionary handling. The basis of the flue gas analyser is the measurement technology of the proven predecessor the testo 330LL, however operation of the analyser has been truly revolutionised in a number of ways.


The testo 330i is the ultimate in precision and flue gas analysis



Operation and display of the measurement values take place by Bluetooth via the free testo 330i App. Your Smartphone/tablet becomes part of the testo 330i – wireless, convenient, and independent of the measurement location. This means you always have all relevant values at your fingertips right where you need them. After finishing the measurement, you can insert comments or photos of the plant into your report, and send it to your customer or your office by e-mail.

The optional testoFix holder ensures that the probe is firmly secured in the flue gas duct at all times, making it easy to cope with larger systems or awkward measuring points.


The Ultimate Flue Gas Analyser

The testo 330i is packed with great features, including intuative analysis functions and automatic reports emailed directly to your Smart Phone. Here is a short summary of it’s key advantages:

  • Analyser remote control via the free testo 330i Apptesto-330i-smart-flue-gas-analyser
  • Bluetooth connection to Android or iOS device
  • Paperless documentation and report creation directly on site with the testo 330i App
  • Allows continuous flue gas display while adjusting burner setup
  • Reliable flue gas probe attachment with the testoFix probe mount
  • Longlife sensors with up to 6 years’ lifetime, exchangeable by the user
  • Integrated gas and draught zeroing without probe removal
  • Measuring range extension up to 30,000 ppm CO through automatic fresh air dilution


Available Now

For more information on the testo 330i Smart Flue Gas Analyser or any testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433. Testo instruments are available from all good HVAC/R distributors.

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