Damp and mould detection

Areas of damp within the fabric of a building are more likely to develop in the colder months due to many factors. This damp If left untreated increases the potential for conditions allowing mould growth. It is essential to detect areas of dampness in your home before it is too late, but this can be difficult as mould risk isn’t always clear to the naked eye. Here’s how Testo can help:

Thermal imaging cameras from Testo

A thermal imaging camera can help detect thermal bridging and poor insulation, both of which can contribute to colder areas forming on internal walls. These colder areas are then at risk of condensation due to reaching dewpoint. With thermal imaging cameras from Testo offering temperature sensitivity as low as 0.06°C these areas of lower surface temperature are easily determined.

Surface moisture analysis mode

Additionally, the testo 871, 872, & 883 thermal camera can pair via Bluetooth with the testo 605i thermo-hygrometer to offer real time transmission of the ambient temperature and relative humidity readings straight to the thermal imaging camera. The camera can then use these ambient readings along with the apparent surface temperature being recorded by the camera to determine surface moisture potential and display this information via a special colour palette (green/yellow/red colours) which offer a ‘traffic light’ indicator for users. This allows easy identification of the areas at immediate risk of damp/surface moisture as they will be highlighted in red.

The testo thermal imaging cameras may also be used for a wide range of other building inspection and facilities maintenance applications, and have been developed specifically for service engineers, facility managers and building energy consultants: They offer a reliable partner when carrying out your thermal measurement tasks. High quality thermal images and useful features will enable you to save time and ensure perfect work results.

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