Join us at Fertility 2023

In medical, biotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and cleanrooms, important climatic parameters have to be monitored. This is the only way to protect sensitive samples and maintain a high quality standard. Temperature in particular is a critical parameter that must be monitored. Humidity and pressure must also be included in standard-compliant environmental monitoring.

In particular, fertility labs with embryos need to maintain a standard temperature of around 37°C, which is approximately the temperature of the human body. These conditions more accurately mimic the natural environment that are needed for embryo growth and development.

The industry-leading monitoring solutions from Testo provide automated and efficient support in complying with regulatory requirements. Testo Saveris is a continuous monitoring system which monitors temperature and humidity. It is used in the pharmaceutical sector to monitor fridges and freezers, make sure they are keeping samples at the right temperature. If the fridges go down or there is an issue, Testo Saveris will notify the company so they can react quickly.

Testo will be exhibiting at the Joint Fertility Conference in ICC Belfast on 10th-13th January 2023. The theme this year is reproduction in an ageing world. Join us at Fertility 2023 for the opportunity to network, with friends, colleagues and industry partners. All this and more will be available from a number of associated fertility societies; Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists (ARCS), The British Fertility Society (BFS) and Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF).

For information on registration, visit

This blog has been published by the Testo Saveris Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors in association with Testo Limited.

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