Newcastle University and testo Saveris 2

Newcastle University’s Faculty of Science is home to more than 270 staff. The institute explores the basis of disease, the development of new methods for diagnosis, treatment and assessing the impact of new treatments – all pretty important stuff.

It goes without saying that it’s crucial such important work is stored correctly. Incorrect storage or system malfunctions can result in years of work and investment being lost. It’s also vital a detailed record is maintained to see any discrepancies in temperature.

We spoke with Lee Reed, the Laboratory Manager at Newcastle University fibrosis group. The failing of their old system due to connection issues and lack of support meant a new solution for freezer security had to be identified. What did they decide on? Testo Saveris 2 T3.

Saveris 2 allows for automated temperature measurements, storing and collating data in one central and secure place. It also has the option to monitor relative humidity. This reduces effort of staff and eradicates the risk of data being misplaced. Reports can be set up to be sent automatically via email, SMS or app. It also works with WPA2 enterprise network if this is required. Not bad, right?

As Newcastle University is home to more than 50 freezers at -80 degrees, testo recommended the testo Saveris 2 T3 with an exceptionally fast temperature probe. This combination can monitor temperature as low as -195 degrees. An advantage to the T3 is that is has 2 channels. This means, providing the measurement points are close enough (within approx. 4 meters), 2 freezers can be monitored with a single logger.

Reed has found that one of the biggest advantages for Newcastle University has been the automated alarm function that has prevented the loss of valuable research samples “the system has already alerted us to some freezer breakdowns, allowing us to respond quickly and save samples that would have previously been lost”.

Overall? Reed says that “testo have supplied us with a robust and trustworthy monitoring system that supports all our needs and more”.

Learn more about testo Saveris 2 systems here:

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