Testo at Future in Food 2015 Birmingham – June 3rd



When: June 3rd, 2015

Where: NEC, Birmingham

Stand no: 3


Testo at Future in Food 2015

Future in Food is an event driven by the need for sustainability in the UK food processing sector. You can find Testo on stand 3, where we will be showcasing some of our most popular, newly launched products for the food industry as well as offering specialist advice and industry insight.



Visit Testo Limited on Stand 3 to see our range of instruments and speak to our specialists on food processing and catering equipment


Whether you’ve got a specific requirement or just want to find out more about Testo instruments please feel free to drop by and speak to us. Here is some more information on some of the products we will have on stand:


Cooking Oil Testing

The new and improved testo 270 is latest generation of our proven range cooking oil testers. Testo’s 270 allows you to determine the quality of cooking oil faster and more reliably than ever before.

To do so, it measures the ‘Total Polar Material’ (TPM) content in the oil, which is a sure indicator of its quality.



Utilising the testo 270 is proven to reduce cooking oil consumption by up to 20%


By using improper oil not only will the food produced be of a lower quality, but there are also health risks surrounding cleanliness. This is the reason why the polar materials may not exceed a certain limit, depending on the country. Regular measurement with the testo 270 will help to prevent this.

Extensive practical tests by Testo engineers have demonstrated that regular measurement with the testo 270 reduces the consumption of cooking oil by up to 20%. Therefore it’s not just productivity that will be improved with the testo 270, but also costs can be significantly reduced.


Cloud based data monitoring – Saveris 2

Testo’s new and improved Saveris 2 uses revolutionary technology to make temperature and humidity analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before. By using a Cloud-based monitoring system it allows information to be stored and accessed remotely.


Easily monitor food temperature and humidity via the Cloud

This means users can monitor and react to issues from anywhere in the world. This will help to reduce pressure, relieving the need to be constantly on-site to keep measurement values under control.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

The key to success for a Food Processing Facility is the efficient maintenance of equipment and machinery to avoid downtime. An effective preventative maintenance program allows early identification of mechanical or electrical faults and appropriate actions to be implemented.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are the fastest growing tool in the field of preventative maintenance for equipment such as that used by plants and factories in the Food Processing industry. A Testo thermal imaging camera is the perfect diagnostic tool for mechanical or electrical surveys to quickly and easily find faults.



Speak to our specialists and find out how Thermal Imaging can be used to help your business


The effective employment of this technology in your food processing or food manufacturing plant will allow you to reduce downtime and save both your time and money, two of your most precious commodities.

Thermal imaging cameras give you the ability to locate hotspots and thermal anomalies and ensure that costly downtime and breakdowns are avoided.


Click here to register and get your Free Future in Food ticket today.


For more information on our Food maintenance or Catering instrumentation or any Testo products please visit our website: testolimited.com

Testo Logo

About Testo Limited

We offer an extensive range of instruments for many parameters and applications including; Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound. testo instruments are widely used in the following sectors: HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Process Industry: manufacturing industries, service companies and utilities. Food Sector: including food manufacture, transport, storage, distribution and retail. Thermal Imaging: for building surveys, maintenance, electrical inspections and production monitoring.

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