Things you might have missed at The Facilities Show 2014

Last week saw The Facilities Show 2014 take place at The ExCel in London. This FM focused show was a fantastic exhibition and it was great to see so many industry professionals at the show, taking part and support an industry event.

Testo Limited was exhibiting for all three days of the show and this meant that we had an excellent opportunity to meet as many of you as possible. We had some great chats with you about the everyday challenges that you face working in the FM industry and looking at how we could provide the best possible solutions to help you do your jobs most effectively. But here’s a recap of what you might have missed, just in case.

Testo FM Montage

Testo Limited FM Instruments

Testo 870, the newest addition to Testo’s range of Thermal Imagers

The brand new Testo 870 has been designed in co-operation with building and heating contractors, service engineers and facilities maintenance specialists. Thanks to its large display, high quality detector, wide field of view and uncomplicated operation, the Testo 870 allows you to work faster and more productively. Additionally, the 870 includes features usually only associated with more expensive cameras, such as automatic hot and cold spot recognition to help make quick diagnostics. The 870-2 variant of this great thermal imager incorporates a built in digital camera so a visual image is automatically taken and stored in parallel with the thermal image.

New and improved range of Flue Gas Analysers

Use the brand new Testo 320B to quickly determine and eliminate malfunctions, monitor legal limit values and spot check in daily work on servicing heating systems. The Testo 320B has unique colour graphic display and built-in memory, making it fast and highly accurate. The Testo 310 combine’s simple functions with high level measurement accuracy and is perfect for all basic measurements on heating systems. Its easy handling and compact design make the Testo 310 a robust tool for daily work- even when things get rough.

Testo 435 Multi-Function Instrument

If you are looking for a multi-functional, maintenance instrument, the Testo 435 is the one to choose. Measuring all the key parameters needed to determine Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the efficient installation and maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning (VAC) systems. The Testo 435 can be used to measure CO2, relative humidity and air temperature to ensure conditions are at the correct level and to indicate whether air conditioning systems are working at optimum efficiency. A range of thermal probes, vane probes and Pitot tubes are available to allow engineers to take measurements of air flow at various points in a building.

These were the stars of The Facilities Show 2014 for us and now that you know what you might have missed out on, make sure that you visit out website for full details, pricing and to buy online.

Visit the Testo Limited website now.

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