Health & Quality Developments in Deep Fat Frying Conference 2014

This week will see the “Development in Deep Fat Frying for Health and Quality Conference 2014” take place. In addition to a host of significant industry bodies and speakers, Testo Limited will be in attendance to offer expertise, and technology, in the area of cooking oil quality testing and management.

testo270_2“Frying is a very popular method for food preparation worldwide, both on domestic and industrial scales, because it yields products with unique texture, flavour and appearance, which makes the food more desirable and palatable. In order to meet the high demand and ever changing needs of consumers, the frying industry and fast-food sectors are now utilising oils perceived to be healthier (ie low in saturated fatty acids and free from trans fatty acids), and manufacturing products that are relatively lower in calories.”

“Well-known speakers drawn from both academia and industry will discuss the latest research and new technology developments in frying systems, and focus on current trends in the selection of healthier and sustainable frying oils, techniques for lowering product oil content, tests for controlling oil quality,strategies for minimising the formation of undesirable components and ways of improving nutritional profile.” –

The event will be taking place on the 5-6th June 2014 at reading University. To visit the website for full details on the event – Click here.

Improve the quality of fried foods and reduce cooking oil costs…

testo 270 cooking oil tester

The ability to accurately test and monitor the quality of cooking oil is of huge significance to the industry and allows culinary organisations to ensure that they are running their operations at optimum efficiency and with no risk to the consumer.

The Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester allows you to accurately determine the optimum time to renew cooking oil by quickly and easily measuring Total Polar Materials (TPM).

Measurements can be carried out directly in hot oil and there is no need for the sensor to cool between measurement, thus back to back measurements are possible.

For full technical specification and pricing on the testo 270 cooking oil tester – visit the testo website here.


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  1. I need more information about Testo 270, its principle of operation, cost and availability

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