How to Improve the Efficiency of your Food Processing Facility

The Food Processing industry lives and dies on efficiency…

In the hugely competitive food processing and manufacturing industry, it is of the utmost importance for a company to be running at optimum efficiency at all times. To compete in the marketplace it is key for food processing organisations to ensure that profit margins are maximised by reducing overhead running costs by as much as possible. this includes the effective management and optimisation of thermal processes and temperature controlled environments.

Increase energy efficiency…

The nature of the Food Processing industry involves a number of thermal processes and involves the effective maintenance of temperature controlled environments such as freezers and refrigerated spaces. In each of these areas there is the potential for a food processing plant to be running machinery ineffectively and to be wasting energy and money. A heat processing production line that involves the use of an oven, for example, might be wasting a huge amount of energy if that oven unit has worn down and leaking seals meaning that the oven is running inefficiently and using more energy than is technically required.

thermal imaging camera food processing pipework

Food Processing Pipework Thermal Image

Thermal imaging cameras allow for the easy inspection of ovens and refrigeration units to monitor thermal efficiency and highlight any areas where optimisation could improve efficiency, prevent energy leaks and save money. The ability to do so will increase the efficiency of a food processing facility, increasing efficiency as well as profitability and ultimately enable a company to have a more competitive presence in the marketplace.

See more, Know more…

testo 875i thermal imaging camera

Testo 875i Thermal Imaging Camera

The visual nature of thermal imaging technology means that vital maintenance information is readily accessible and easy to present either in-house or to potential clients. So whether you are qualifying maintenance work required to a customer or making optimisation suggestions in-house to increase efficiency, thermal imaging cameras simply let you see more and know more.

Regular thermal imaging maintenance surveys will save your business time and money. You will be able to identify potential problem areas and inefficiently operating components on ‘live’ running production lines without the need for downtime, which is a huge benefit that comes with the adoption of thermal imaging technology.

This ability to run non-contact inspections allows a maintenance department to operate with minimum impact on the output of a facility, while still meeting the rigorous standards of upkeep and maintenance that are demanded by the industry.

For more information on Thermal Imaging for the Food processing industry – Visit our knowledge centre here.


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