SLS Conference 2014: See the latest Smartphone enabled Data Loggers

The Scientific Laboratory Show 2014 will be taking place at the East Midlands Conference Centre , 12-14th May 2014.

sls conference 2014

Quality, safe and efficient processes are crucial in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. Whether you work in clinics, laboratories, cleanrooms, storage or transport, Testo have the solution. We provide the right measurement instrument for every application and provide instrument service and calibration on both Testo and non-Testo branded instruments, from our independently accredited ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 laboratory.

New generation Testo data loggers: Testo 184

Refrigeration requirements for transport are key in the pharmaceutical industry and the management of the cold chain between the manufacturer and the customer may under no circumstances be interrupted. With the brand new Testo 184 data loggers you can monitor temperature, humidity and shock every step of the cold chain, they are the blackbox for sensitive freight.

Secure and reliable data monitoring: Testo Saveris

The Testo Saveris data monitoring system measures the temperature and humidity values of sensitive goods and products in the environment, in processes and during transport. The easy-to-use measurement system delivers safety and savings in time and costs thanks to automated measurement data recording. The system is suitable for use in mobile applications, such as during the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Measure and monitor IAQ efficiently: Testo 435

If you are looking for a multi-functional, maintenance instrument Testo 435 is the one to choose. Measuring all the key parameters needed to determine Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the efficient installation and maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning (VAC) systems. The parameters CO₂, relative humidity and room temperature are available for the evaluation of Indoor Air Quality. In addition to this, absolute pressure, draught, Lux, U-value and surface temperature can be measured.

Make sure that you come and visit Testo Limited at the SLS Conference 2014 to get access to all the latest industry technology, innovation and insight.

For more information on the event visit the SLS Conference 2014 website here.

For more details on Testo Limited and all of our products visit our website.

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