Gas Safety: Testo Top Tips

Gas safety is a topic which affects us all in one way or another and as such should be of concern to us all. As a consumer, gas safety has a direct impact on the safety and lives of you and your family which could be affected through accident or injury potentially caused by unsafe gas work or a lack of gas safety awareness.

Gas-Safety-Legislation-Post-ScreenshotAs a professional gas engineer, the importance of gas safety is even greater. Not only is gas safety awareness of consequence to the quality of your work, but further consumers rely on you and your compliance with up-to-date gas safety regulations to keep them safe.

It is key then that, as a gas engineer you keep in touch with changes in the industry as much as possible, to ensure that you are in accordance all current rules and regulations. For example, the 1st April 2014 saw changes to the legally required CO and combustion checks that must be performed on the commissioning of any new heating system.

Click here – for more information on this New Gas Safety Legislation.

Gas Safety Management Conference 2014…

One of the best ways to ensure that you stay current with new legislation or regulations that might affect your work and the safety of your customers is to regularly get involved in industry events such as the upcoming “Gas Safety Management Conference 2014“.

Events like this one run fairly frequently throughout the year and will not only provide coverage of legal changes that might have impact on your work but also give you the chance to meet key industry body representatives and professionals. Industry events are a fantastic way to get current information on best practice, new technology and direct access to speak to manufacturers of the instruments and analysers that you use everyday.

Testo will be at the Gas Safety Management Conference at The Belfry, Birmingham on 30.04.2014.

Testo will have all the information that you could possibly want on our latest products and technology for the industry and will be giving you the opportunity to get hands on with our newest range of gas analysers and leak detectors.

Our Top Tip from Testo is to make sure that you don’t miss this great opportunity to stay current and get all the latest industry information and insight that you need to be operating effective gas safety.

Register to attend Gas Safety Management Conference 2014 here now.

Visit the Testo website for the full list Events and Exhibitions we are attending in 2014.

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