See the Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

The Food Processing industry is huge here in the UK and with this comes an ever increasing pressure for companies to be able to compete with other food processing organisations producing similar products. A key factor to the success of a business in this marketplace is the effective and efficient management of plant maintenance.

Food Processing Thermal Imaging

Deadlines, quotas, targets and contracts are won or lost based on the ability to ensure the smooth running of sites, plants and facilities and ensure an absolute minimum of unplanned downtime and disruption to production.

Thermal imaging is the fastest growing tool in for preventative maintenance…

Thermal imaging cameras are the fastest growing tool in preventative maintenance and this is in turn the single most important weapon in a maintenance department’s ongoing fight to prevent downtime. An effective and well planned program of preventative maintenance can define your success as a maintenance engineer by giving you the insight into potential problems that would otherwise be hidden until its too late.

Thermal Imaging Prevenative maintenanceThermal Imaging Cameras being used for preventative maintenance will give you access to information and insight that would otherwise remain unseen. Thermal anomaly detection and heat signatures will easily identify mechanical issues such as bearings under excess friction or electrical faults caused by overheating connections or defective components allowing the appropriate preventative measures to be put in place before the problem presents itself.

Maintenance on Live Production lines…

Scheduling routine thermal preventative maintenance will save your business time and money by allowing you to conduct fault finding maintenance surveys on ‘live’ running production lines. This ability to run non-contact inspections allows your maintenance department to operate more efficiently and maximise the output of your facilities while still meeting rigorous standards of upkeep and maintenance.

Increase energy efficiency…

The nature of the Food Processing industry involves a significant number of thermal processes and temperature controlled environments. Thermal imaging cameras allow for the easy inspection of ovens and refrigeration units to monitor thermal efficiency and highlight any areas where optimisation could improve efficiency, prevent energy leaks and save money.

The visual nature of thermal imaging technology makes vital maintenance information accessible and easy to present either in-house or to clients in order to justify required maintenance work for approval. Thermal imaging cameras simply let you see more.

Find out more about Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras for the Food Processing industry here.

See the hidden secrets in your Food Processing facility today.

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