Testo Thermal Imaging Feature of the Quarter: Radiometric Video

Radiometric Feature banner

Testo thermal imaging cameras all provide exceptional quality, resolution and functionality. The list of features and functions that the full range of Testo thermal imaging cameras is vast but to give you an insight into the high-end technology that goes into our thermal imagers we are giving you an in depth look at one particular feature every quarter.

This quarter we are highlighting one of our top-end functions – available on our high-end enhanced resolution range of thermal imaging cameras (the testo 885 and the testo 890) – Full Radiometric Video.

Radiometric video enables a dynamic thermal process to be captured in real time together with all the measurement data for further analysis. The video can be replayed in real time or frame by frame, making it simple to identify thermal anomalies or trends.

During replay of the radiometric video the full range of analysis tools can be used, such as spot markers, hot/cold point markers and temperature profiles. Scale and palette can also be adjusted during replay in order to highlighted areas of interest. The time stamp also indicates the recorded time so that the thermal video can be related to real events.

As an alternative to full radiometric video a sequence of radiometric thermal images can be captured. In this mode smart trigger options allow the sequence capture to be triggered manually, or according to a timer or even according to a trigger temperature.

Overall the radiometric video functionally of Testo 885 and Testo 890 cameras is extremely versatile, and with the new Process Analysis Package is also very compact. The Process Analysis Package allows radiometric video to be captured and stored directly onto the thermal imaging camera rather than storing to PC.

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