Today’s Testo: Batman, Tom Cruise & Hot air balloons

No day is a new day, the past is just as important as the present and to grow, evolve and move forward we need to learn from what has come before. This approach applies almost universally to all areas of life, not least to science, technology and innovation.

As well as today being Tom Cruise’s birthday and the same date in history that 2 men first crossed the Atlantic in a hot air balloon, it is also the same date that the film “Batman” set the record for the fastest $100 million taken by a movie.

Judging by the huge success of this film, it would seem to be an undeniable fact that the vast majority of us are massive fans of Batman. While there are many reasons for this love affair with the caped crusader, there are a particular points which we think are the main reasons behind such passion for the Bat, perhaps the most significant being the fact that he is, just a man.


Bruce Wayne is just a man. Albeit he is an incredible wealthy (almost to the point that it counts as a superpower) but the fact remains that he is just a man and this makes him both accessible and appealing. One of the keys to Batman’s unswerving success against whichever super-villain he happens to be facing is his fantastical array of tools and gadgets which are always just what he needs to escape the various scrapes and situations he gets into.

In the same way that Batman is almost synonymous with his utility belt, here at Testo we like to think that we have a utility belt of our own, and ‘Holy Measurement Parameter!!‘ we’re well equipped. Yes, Batman has batarangs, the batclaw and an ultrasonic bat beacon but at Testo we have thermal imaging cameras, infrared non-contact thermometers and workplace welfare measurement kits.

Even if these don’t sound quite so thrilling, we get excited about our products and we’re proud of the fact that we are equipping you (the ordinary man) to be able to take on whatever situation might befall you.

Here at Testo, we make you…The Batman.

Click here now to visit our website now & view our full utility belt of Testo products.

*Disclaimer: While Testo products will better enable you to work in HVAC-R, Process, Manufacturing, Engineering, Facilities maintenance, Food & Catering and Thermal imaging industries their ability to thwart evil geniuses and super criminals is, thus far, unproven.

About Testo Limited

We offer an extensive range of instruments for many parameters and applications including; Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound. testo instruments are widely used in the following sectors: HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Process Industry: manufacturing industries, service companies and utilities. Food Sector: including food manufacture, transport, storage, distribution and retail. Thermal Imaging: for building surveys, maintenance, electrical inspections and production monitoring.

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