Sign up to the Renewables Roadshow 2012

Click the image below to sign up for FREE for this years Renewables Roadshow.

The award winning national exhibition that visits your region is back this autumn featuring more presentations, demonstrations and energy efficient technologies than ever before!


Ricoh Arena, Coventry – 13th September
Westpoint Arena, Exeter – 18th September
International Centre, Harrogate – 20th September
SECC, Glasgow – 26th September
Event City, Manchester – 28th September
Wembley Stadium, London – 3rd October


For information, innovation and inspiration the Renewables Roadshow has it it covered and has been designed to be the essential day in your year!

Attractions include:

• Commercial Theatre Pick up CPD points via accredited presentations
• Green Deal Theatre – Gen up on the golden rule before Green Deal goes live
• Training Theatre – The road to MCS and other qualifications
• Water Efficiency Theatre – Whether it’s greywater, potable or rainwater, get water wise
• Solar Theatre – Explore solar systems with our experts
• Installer Theatre – Presentations dedicated to contractors & installers
• Domestic Theatre – Retrofitting new technologies in older properties
• Exhibition – THE showcase for energy-efficient technologies including: Air Source; Biomass; Commercial Technologies; Controls; Domestic Technologies; Electrical; Energy Management; Greywater Recycling; Ground Source; Hydro; Insulation; Low-Energy Lighting; Micro CHP; Micro Wind; MVHR; Rainwater Harvesting; Smart Metering; Solar PV; Solar Thermal; Underfloor Heating; Ventilation
• Prizes & Promotions – Show-only discounts plus a £10,000 prize for one lucky visitor

Heat Pumps – Saving Time and Money with Testo Electronic Manifolds

In recent years, the use of electronic manifolds by engineers installing, commissioning and servicing Air Conditioning and Refrigeration units, has become widespread and their use is acknowledged by those who use them, to be an invaluable tool, saving time and enabling more accurate measurement of key parameters. Testo electronic manifolds can quickly measure and display key measurements such as Superheating and Subcooling, as well as measuring high and low pressures, temperature, vacuum and current. Some models will also record measurements for up to 72 hours, which can help in the diagnosis of performance issues. All models will, in addition, perform temperature compensated leakage tests.

Testo electronic manifolds are not just suitable for conventional air conditioning and refrigeration units, they are also ideal for engineers working with heat pumps. Testo manifolds all incorporate a unique heat pump feature and when the user activates the heat pump mode, the manifold switches the high and low pressures. This automatic switchover occurs if the pressure on the low side is 1 bar higher than that on the high pressure side. This automatic switching means guess work is removed from the measurement and the need to change high and low pressure connections is removed saving time and work.
Visit our website to find out more or call 01420 544433.

About Testo Limited

We offer an extensive range of instruments for many parameters and applications including; Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound. testo instruments are widely used in the following sectors: HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Process Industry: manufacturing industries, service companies and utilities. Food Sector: including food manufacture, transport, storage, distribution and retail. Thermal Imaging: for building surveys, maintenance, electrical inspections and production monitoring.

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  1. Renewable resources are becoming the way of the future, for this country is beginning to run bare of its resources including oil and cole. Sure, its here now while we USE it, but it won’t be that way in 10 or 5 years when population multiplies.

    -Sharone Tal

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